Business Contact Email: [email protected]


⋅⊱ 🙣 Fae / Andie 🙡 ⊰ ⋅
I illustrate, animate, game, & stream.
I'd like to work in the twitch streaming & e-sports scene!
My other professions include dog groomer, video editor, makeup artist, & VTubing. I do both rigging and model art for VTubing

I enjoy creating fan art, personal art, video game art, posters and merch, and character design.

I have worked on prolific projects such as
"Regretroid" music video, "Terrain of Magical Expertise" (the show & the game), & made many videos with Planet Dolan

I am not a brand! I am an independent artist & I have many aesthetics that define me, and with that, I have many models! I like to express myself with different designs. I will only settle with 1 design when I am signed onto an E-Sports org & wear their merch on my model


Contact Email: [email protected]

Previous Prolific Clients:

  • ClintStevens

  • Bjergsen

  • Dyrus

  • DeliciousMilkGG

  • RossDraws

  • Nicki Taylor

  • SoloRenektonOnly

  • BoxBox

  • Planet Dolan


  • SherbertShenanigans

Contact Email: [email protected]

►By commissioning me you are agreeing to all terms. Terms are subject to change at any time. Please read thoroughly before commissioning me.
►I retain the right to refuse service to anyone for any reason.
►You must be 18yrs or older to commission me. I do not work with minors.
►USD only.
►Payment is upfront and via INVOICES. I don’t begin work until I receive full payment.
Commissions will not take longer than 2 months
►Most all my art will have a small watermark you may NOT remove.
►Breaking these terms will have you blacklisted and I will not work with you again.
►Issuing a chargeback will result in you being blacklisted.
►NO REFUNDS AT ALL unless certain circumstances happen.
Always save your commission from me
►I delete your files immediately after sent. Be clear about what you want in the form (psd file, no bgs, etc). I will not edit anything after deletion nor try and retrieve it.
►YOU MUST CREDIT ME SOMEWHERE if you post the product you got from me!
►I own the Artwork, so I may do whatever I wish with the art, such as reposting to other sites, linking back to you
►By commissioning me, you are purchasing my service as an artist only.
►Do not message me on other social platforms regarding your commission.
►Do not message me after your commission has been completed
►I will send you WIPs if requested. You must give me the OK before i continue your commission.
►You must state any changes before the final product, during the WIP stage.
►If ask for changes when the finished piece is done, you will be charged
►I can tweak a finished commission slightly.
►If you do not provide clear references as I asked then I cannot do your commission!
►I have my personal issues as we all do. I will keep you updated if there is a delay in your commission.
►Time varies - can take up to a couple of days, to a couple of weeks
►You are NOT authorized to change, modify, edit or use my works without my permission.
►You may not set it up for redistribution, external projects, commercial or non-commercial. (i.e. t-shirts, mugs, public flyers, ect) - VTUBER MODELS AND CHARACTER DESIGNS ARE EXEMPT FROM THIS*

►The only time you are allowed to sell my work is when the commission is specified as a merch design
►Payment would be raised depending on how much you intend to sell
►Credit of my work is m a n d a t o r y

  • Twitch Emotes - 35$ per

  • Character Design - 125$

  • Video Assets - 125$+

  • Oppai Mouse Pad - 125$

  • Dakimakura - 250$ per side

  • VTUBER MODEL - 600$ - 800$+

  • VTUBER RIGGING - 500$ +

Stream Animation - 250$

Merch Designs include:
Oppai Mouse Pads, Stickers, T-shirt Designs, Keychains, dakimakura etc
Merch Designs - All normal prices apply, but extra cost of selling rights

Completed Models: 8
Completed Rigs: 7
Rigging, Models and Asset Examples