🙣 Fae / Andie / 28 yrs 🙡
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🙣 Fae / Andie / 28 yrs 🙡
Freelance Illustrator ⋅ Streamer ⋅ Gamer ⋅ VTuber ପ(๑•ᴗ•๑)ଓ ♡


2.5 years from Academy Art University San Francisco
Over 2 decades worth of illustration expierence
Many years worth of animation expierence
I specialize in lip-syncing & coloring for animations
Pinup & simple themes for illustrations
I design characters to be as perfect for the client as possible.
I enjoy experimenting with different art styles
Interested in working in the e-sports & speedrunning scene!
I enjoy creating fan art, personal art, video game art, posters and merch, and character design.
I have worked on prolific projects such as:
"Regretroid" music video
"Terrain of Magical Expertise" (the show & the game)
I am not a brand! I am an independent artist & I have many aesthetics that define me, and with that, I have many models! I like to express myself with different designs. I will only settle with 1 design when I am signed onto an E-Sports org & wear their merch on my model
I hope to one day get a big following and use my platform to support many people who are struggling in any shape or form.

  • By commissioning me you are agreeing to all terms. Terms are subject to change at any time. Please read thoroughly before commissioning me.

  • I retain the right to refuse service to anyone for any reason.

  • You must be 18yrs or older to commission me. I do not work with minors.

  • USD only.

  • Payment is upfront and via INVOICES. Payment is processed via Paypal or VGen. I don’t begin work until I receive full payment.

  • By commissioning me, you are purchasing my service as an artist only.

  • You are NOT authorized to change, modify, edit or use my works without my permission.

  • Please click the link above to read the full terms before commissioning me

  • I retain the right to edit my document at any time and for any reason.

Merch Design
Oppai Mouse Pads, Stickers, T-shirt Designs, Keychains, dakimakura etc. It is double the original price for commercial rights.

Stream or Video Assets, Animated GIFTubers, Animated Emotes, Aniamted Icons
Full Terms of Service for A.N. ART
I retain the right to edit this document at any time and for any reason.
  • Client will be expected to first read my TOS and preferably understand my general Commission Prices.

  • I retain copyright to the commissioned artwork unless discussed otherwise and copyright is transferred.

  • You are not allowed to repost, distribute, or use my art, in anyway.

  • Unless you have commissioned me, or ARE me, you do not have permission to use my art.

  • Do not trace my art.

  • NO NFT / AI

  • Watermarks are on my art for a reason. They are not to be removed.

  • Violators will be permanently added to my blacklist without any warnings.

  • I reserve the right to use, publish, livestream and record the commissioned artwork/process to share and promote on any social media site unless stated otherwise

  • I reserve the rights of cancelling or declining your request if I don't feel up for the task or you have been proved troublesome in any way.

  • By purchasing any of my services you're automatically accepting my Terms of Service and being obligated to follow them

  • By commissioning me, you are purchasing my service as an artist only.

  • I refuse to work with rude clients. Do not compare me to other riggers, VTubers or Artists

  • Any use of my art or content in a malicious manner will result in legal repercussions

  • Client agrees that their project with me is strictly personal use and will not have the right to reproduce the artwork for any monetary gain whatsoever, unless stated otherwise. Personal use includes using it as a banner/avatar, personal postingsm etc.

  • If the client intends to use the commissioned artwork for commercial use (streaming, patreon, advertisement, printing, merchandise etc), this must be disclosed at the start of the commission process as the transfer of rights must be purchased and will affect the total cost.

  • Client agrees to still credit me as the original artist of said artwork even if rights are transferred.

  • VGen or Paypal invoices only

  • Payment will be 50% or 100% up front depending on project size. You will not receive your product until the payment is completed in full.

  • Most all my art will have a small watermark you may NOT remove.

  • You must be 18yrs or older to commission me

  • USD only

  • I will contact you if there are any delays longer than 3 weeks

  • Turn around time is 3 months. If you do not even have a WIP by that point, you are eligible for a refund.

  • I reserve the right to decline any work if I find it outside of my ability to complete to the highest standard.

  • I will send you WIPs if requested. You must give me the OK before i continue your commission.

  • You must state any changes before the final product, during the WIP stage

  • I can tweak the commission slightly

  • No major changes if the commissioned piece is done.

  • If you do not provide clear references as I asked then I cannot do your commission!

  • If you need to get in contact with me, email me.

  • Do not commission me and expect anything other than offered.

  • You are allowed to request the PSD file, but it will not be organized. Please mention you'd like it in the beginning.

  • No refunds unless I haven't begun your commission

  • If I cannot complete your commission for whatever reason or you cancel, you will get 50% of your money back

  • If you have a deadline, let me know at least a 3 MONTHS in advanced when taking a commission from me.

  • If for some reason your PayPal account is not working, or authorizes a refund request without you knowing somehow, you must contact me as soon as possible in order to resolve the issue.

  • Full refunds for emergency purposes and/or the commission has not been started.

  • NO REFUNDS for finished or started on projects.

  • CHARGEBACKS ARE ABSOLUTELY FORBIDDEN. Issuing a chargeback without contacting me to cancel/refund a project will result in immediate blacklisting for you. As well as your email address, and anyone sharing your paypal account, including side accounts.

  • If you absolutely need to cancel a project you MUST contact me for a refund. DO NOT EVER ISSUE A CHARGEBACK THROUGH PAYPAL!

  • If you are unhappy with a piece, please let me know so I can fix it. Small fees come with that, but that depends on how big the fix is. I never want to give you a piece you are unhappy with.

  • Credit must be given no matter the product I make for the commissioner. (Art, Rigging, Merch, Video editing, etc.) I must get credit even if my hand in the work was not 100%

  • Commissions are for commissioner use only. Commissioner MUST give credit where they're using my art. If they cannot, be sure to just link back to me if someone asks where you got your art from.

  • Commissioners are allowed to repost their commissions with links back to me.


  • Commissioners are not allowed to sell their product without my knowledge, and must pay for selling rights

  • I retain all copyrights over my work, which include but are not limited to the right to:

  • redistribute, reproduce, or use the image as a sample for sales/self-promotion, unless otherwise agreed upon.

  • Once a piece has been commissioned, You may use it for personal uses including but not limited to : signatures, icons, avatars, layouts, wallpapers, themes and personal page/ site displays.

  • You are free to print out the picture or even make whatever merchandising you want as long as it's for your PERSONAL use only and NOT for sale.

  • You retain rights to the Intellectual Property of your own character that I draw.

  • COMMISSIONERS are welcome to edit anything I miss or update pieces, either by themselves, asking someone else or me. However I will charge extra for an edit for an ALREADY COMPLETED PIECE.


  • VTuber model or rigging does not require commercial use rights - It comes included in the initial price

  • The only time you are allowed to sell my work is when the commission is specified as a merch design

  • Commissioners are not allowed to sell my work without permission and payment

  • Commercial fees will cost 100% of the original commission cost + original cost.

  • Credit of my work is m a n d a t o r y

  • Any Twitch Assets that help your business grow does not require the "merch" fee - It comes included in the initial price

  • Clients are allowed to repost the artwork they commissioned WITH CREDIT

  • Do not ask me to draw in a different style. You're commissioning me what is on the sheet, not what is in my gallery.

  • If you make me: Shift through multiple references to get a clear image of your already designed character - Have to ask for more or better references for your idea - Have to engage in more conversation than needed for your commission - I have a right to decline your commission / refund you

  • Your commission will be uploaded to my gallery or through external links.

  • YOU MUST always save your commission from me. I will delete them if I feel they clutter my gallery

  • I HAVE EVERY RIGHT TO DELETE YOUR COMMISSION in years or months to come. Do NOT come asking for very old commissions.

  • I will send you the full resolution picture (by link, note, etc), but my signature will remain on it, and a smaller copy if needed.

  • YOU MUST CREDIT ME SOMEWHERE if you post the product you got from me!

  • I own the artwork, so I may do whatever I wish with the art, such as reposting to other sites, linking back to you

  • Private commissions will require a 100$ privacy fee

  • I reserve the right to decline any project or client for any reason without questions. This includes clients who have not read these terms.

  • I reserve the right to use rejected sketches for any future project, be it personal or otherwise.

  • Do not harass me OR MY FRIENDS on other social platforms regarding a piece. If you do you will end up blacklisted.

  • If you are rude to me I will most likely decline your commission next time.

  • I keep my alternate account art & vtuber art separate - please respect that.

  • Do not trace or repost my art.

  • Do not steal my characters.

  • You are allowed to be inspired by my poses and ideas, but give credit to me if you do. I would genuinely love to see how I inspire you! But refrain from copying exactly, and especially when it comes to art of me and my SO/Personal art of me.

  • If you do not give credit for being inspired i will be very cautious of you.


  • I have a right to redraw old art poses for myself

  • As an artist, my art is constantly evolving and inconsistent. Please understand my art may not be perfect, but I will always do my best to produce the highest quality I can.

  • I am inspired by lots of people, and i usually give credit when i do so, but I DO FORGET SOMETIMES! I get so side tracked making descriptions that i forget! so PLEASE don't be afraid to comment or ask about what my inspiration was for a piece of my art! I will not hesitate to link!

  • Violators will be added to my blacklist without any warnings. Either temporary or permanently.

  • Things I like drawing:

  • Aesthetically Pretty OCs

  • Femme, Masc, NB, Furries

  • Cute

  • Pink or Monochrome

  • Simple

  • Sketchy

  • Things I struggle with & These things WILL cost extra:

  • weapons

  • hats

  • specific kind of shoes

  • light armor

  • I WON'T draw:

  • Mechs/armor

  • Difficult Weapons

  • High Detailed designs

  • If you bid for something, you are not allowed to back down if you are the chosen owner.

  • If you are chosen and do not pay within 24hrs your offer will not stand and will go to the next highest offer.

  • If you offer, and are chosen, and cannot pay then you will be blacklisted

  • You may bid on behalf of someone else.

  • You may not bid on behalf of someone who is blacklisted

  • Adoptables and designs copyright belong to both me and the owner.

  • The characters you adopt/buy from me, whether it be tentative or not, you cannot sell them ASAP.

  • You can sell them after a WEEK OF OWNING THEM. After that you can sell them for the exact amount you paid for.

  • If you have more art of them, you can sell for more, whether you drew it or bought it

  • You can sell characters for cheap if you've gotten them in a trade. I know it's hard to get money so it's okay, but please talk to me before selling!

  • You may make NOT make your adopt a VTUBER unless buying commercial rights fee

  • GIVE CREDIT ONCE when you post about them! more is fine too i'd just love to see them!

  • You can slightly change adopts design. You can change gender, slight color change, slight adjustments, etc! Just please state that you changed it & keep original art file in tact!

  • Violators will be added to my blacklist without any warnings. Either temporary or permanently.

  • If i give you a custom for free, it's starting price must be 25$! My art is worth something.

  • Credit me either on my sites or toyhou.se Aishyu

  • If you have one piece of art and nothing else you may ONLY SELL for the price you got the adopt at.

  • Deleting a character off toyhou.se that has my credit will result in blacklist. Contact me to avoid this.

  • You understand that I make designs that share aesthetics with previous designs I've made.

  • No matter how I contribute, I must be credited somewhere

  • I have the right to post the model as portfolio work once the model is public

  • Do not commission me if you do not end up using my model

  • Absolutely no refunds if you do not end up using my model

  • If I drew your model, please see Art Terms

  • PSDs must be provided and cut in the "ready to rig" fashion

  • If I have to cut, add, redraw or translate your model's features/layers, it will cost extra

  • Animations, more than 2 emotion toggles, complex rigging costs extra

  • Commissioner owns the character's copyright.

  • If you have a deadline, you must state it 3 months in advance

  • Communication of your wants for the rigging is mandatory.

  • Client will receive all files including the .cmo3 file in case of future fixes or to improve with another rigger

  • If you would like me to make tweaks to an a completed rig, you MUST have the .cmo3 file.

  • You are allowed to go to someone else to tweak the rig I did, you must notify me if you do.

  • If you use my rig and someone else tweaks it, please credit ME AND THE OTHER RIGGER!

  • To never work with again for uncredited work and/or disrespected my work

  • SynModeus

  • GhalaGhoul

  • OzzzyOwl

  • MinnowCandy

  • LadyLunairi

  • AlienneAshford

This is just a small section for anyone who wants to befriend or stay friends with me, or have meaningful connections with me
I figured a small section is much better than a discord description as I am a person that cant just be summed up in a small bio. Main point being is I'm not interested in conflicts & I refuse to waste any more time ever dealing with them again. If you aren't patient with me or willing to maintain a connection with me, then do not be my friend. Understand that I am writing all of this because I have always had a hard time maintaining friendships, so being up front about my needs is the only way I can feel I won't be misunderstood
  • I have ADHD. It is a very intense and complicated mental issue that I'm still learning myself, but please be patient with me as I learn to navigate social stuff for online or offline friendships. I have many videos explaining things better than I can.

  • It really is as simple as be nice and considerate towards me, & I can easily do the same!

  • Do NOT waste my time! If you interrupt my workflow with small talk, don't bother messaging me unless you actually wanna plan to hang out!

  • Please respect my time & when I need space.

  • Low social battery for online friendships now.

  • I don't message first usually because I am always working, but I will respond when I can. Sending memes out of the blue is fine. You're not annoying me if you try and contact me and im busy, i just have a hard time being chatty online. ill still try though :)

  • I don't really add strangers to my Discord friends list, if you wish to get in contact me please email me!

  • I do not have much friendship degradation. If you don't message me for a while, I don't mind. I also forget to respond a lot, especially if I'm messaged during an inconvenient time for me.

  • If you DM me while I am working, I will not respond anymore. You'll have to message me another time. as my time is important to me and needs to be respected.

  • I'm aware of abuse tactics & i don't let bad treatment of me slide anyore

  • If i have an issue i will bring it up when I can in a way that's clear & where I'm not overly emotional about it

  • Do not guilt trip me over my boundaries. Getting mad at me after reading all this means we can't be friends

  • I'm kinda bad at small talk and can't really keep a convo going since I'm always working.

  • Just ask me to make time for you and I'll clear up my schedule just for you! You matter to me!

  • Do not send me " can i ask you a question "

  • I would really perfer if I wasn't dm'd when my status clearly says "NO DMS"

  • Your actions and words affect me greatly if you are my friend. It will affect my day. Please be considerate of when you approach me and how you go about doing so. I have big feelings.

  • I now live in EU so timezones will be different & i will be slower to respond. Please respect my space outside of online. It doesn't matter if I've been available for 10 years, I don't wish to be online as much any more. This move is life changing so i am struggling to balance this.

  • If you come at me with accusatory statements, I will no longer deal with you. I am an adult & I do not have any patience for petty fights or misunderstandings. Please treat me with the benefit of the doubt and respect so we can sort out any issue.

  • I am no longer very good with social cues with online stuff.

  • Please immediately talk to me if you have an issue or smth to clear up, I would be more than happy to fix it.

  • If you don't prioritize me (i do not expect you to) I won't do for you either! I put in what you put in

  • I expect mutual patience, attempts at understanding, and soft language alongside being emotionally intelligent. I've been to enough therapy to be able to communicate my thoughts as best I can. I promise to be a good friend to you as I possibly can be if you treat me with patience & kindness.

  • Dont fucking spell my IRL name wrong.

Animations for streamers, animation portfolio work, twitch emotes!
I have worked on prolific projects such as:
"Regretroid" music video
"Terrain of Magical Expertise" (the show & the game)